SUMMER TRIPLE THREAT - (Kids Gr7 + with previous club volleyball experience.)

We will be offering our Triple Threat Program which will include Grass Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, and Indoor Volleyball in a single unique summer program. Triple Threat will run from June though to the end of August 2018. No sessions will be run the weeks of July 7, and August 11, 2019.

Summer Triple Threat is open to boys and girls who are interested in continuing to develop in the sport of volleyball. As Volleyball is a team sport, all participants must demonstrate team member characteristics of: Being Reliable, Able to Communicate, Unselfish, Coachable, Committed. 

Age groups will be split as follows:

U9-13(Beginner) Kids born in 2010 and later with no formal club experience.
U13-14 Kids born in 2005-2006. Kids born earlier than 2006 may be accepted depending on physical and skill development.
U15-U16 kids born before 2005. Kids born earlier than 2005 may be accepted depending on physical and skill development with coaches recommendation.

Summer Triple Threat Volleyball will provide participants an opportunity to train and develop in three variations of volleyball typically played in BC. These include: Beach, Grass, and Indoor Court. For Beach and Grass, play will be the 4v4 format, while the Indoor Court will be the 6v6 format. The coaching focus will always be on the proper technical development including team based tactical.

Summer Triple Threat Volleyball will run from June 18, 2019 and conclude August 22, 2019. Sessions will run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 4pm and 10pm depending on age groups. Athletes will have 1 day of grass(pending weather), 1 day of beach(pending weather), and 1 day of indoor court training.


Sessions will be as follows:

Current year club experienced U13-14 (Current Gr7/8) train:

  • Tuesdays (Beach) 500-615pm
  • Wednesdays (Indoor) 445-545pm
  • Thursdays (Grass) 500-615pm

Current year club U15 and older (Current Gr9 and older) train:

  • Tuesdays (Beach) 615-730pm
  • Wednesdays (Indoor) 545-700pm
  • Thursdays (Grass) 615-730pm

     *Outdoor (Beach/Grass) programming may be cancelled due to safety concerns over weather. Missed/Cancelled sessions will not be made up and no adjustment of fees will be considered.

First session will begin  June 18, 2019 Grass or Beach - depending on grouping.
Sessions will continue with Tuesdays & Thursdays being Grass or Beach - depending on grouping.
Wednesdays will be indoor court training for all groups.

Beach programming will be held at the beach courts at Don Christian Elementary - 6256 184 St, Surrey, BC
Grass programming will be held at Routley Park - 71 Avenue & 198B Street, Langley, BC
Indoor sessions will be at Surrey Christian High School  -  15353 92 Ave, Surrey, BC

Cost of the full summer programming is :

  • Super Early Bird Pricing - Registration prior to May 11, 2019 $190 per athlete($160/athlete for Beginner U9-13).
  • Early Bird Pricing - Registration from May 11 to June 1, 2019 $225 per athlete($195/athlete for Beginner U9-13).
  • Regular Pricing - Registration after June 1, 2019 $275 per athlete($245/athlete for Beginner U9-13).

Monthly cost for those who wish to participate in only a month or two will be $150 per month.
Drop ins may be allowed depending on numbers with a  cost of $25 per session. 
     *Priority will be given to those who register for the entire summer. This allows for consistent programming by knowing our numbers in advance and being able to prepare each session for a specific number of athletes.

2019 Summer Programming

Age Groups

Beginner - Double Trouble Volleyball Training U9-13
(Current Gr7 & younger) Kids born in 2010 and later with no formal club experience.
Summer Triple Threat U13-14
(Current Gr7/8) U13-14 Kids born in 2005-2006.
Summer Triple Threat U15 & Older
kids born before 2005.
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