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Why do we not host tryouts?

The reason we do not host tryouts is quite simple for us. We want and encourage kids/families to research the coaches/teams/club that they would like to play for. If we are one of the places that they would like to play with, we will accept them and try to make sure we place athletes at the appropriate competition level.
We are not interested in taking part in the stress of tryouts and know full well that quality coaches can work with any and all athletes. It is our job to teach. While we compete to the best of our ability, winning a tournament is not our primary focus. Developing ell balanced volleyball players who are good people is more of a priority for us.

Traveling Team Guidelines



  • Please remember to print a permission letter to keep with you at all times during the trip. 
  • You must have one letter that stays with you while you travel and a second letter that you will give to the person who is transporting you. You can find the letter on our website.

  • You must have your passport and/or valid proof of citizenship.

  • Please moderate the amount of sugar eaten during the trip, as it will have an affect on your energy and/or behaviour. 


Travel Guidelines

The following is information as to the guidelines of traveling teams. These are the club-wide guidelines. Individuals and/or teams may have additional expectations, HOWEVER, ALL TEAMS, regardless of age/experience or amount of travel are expected to abide to club-wide guidelines.

Players have been assigned to specific rooms. Do not change rooms as the Hotel records these and we must comply with their request. 

You are under the supervision of your coaches and/or an appointed parent chaperone. Teams are expected to stay together throughout the tournament duration. Should a player be found alone or not in assigned rooms, those players will sent home immediately at the parents expense.

  • Meals, Free time, and time at the hotel will be done as a team and under the supervision of the coaches and/or the appointed chaperone.
  • Coordination of a team/club function of this magnitude is not an easy matter; please respect the wishes of the coaches and parent chaperone to help the weekend go smoothly.

While we travel, we have limited liability insurance coverage provided by our Insurance policy, it is required that personal travel insurance be in place during the entire trip. Any additional expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the traveling player and/or family.

There is ZERO tolerance for sex/drug/alcohol/smoking or any other illegal activity. 

At all times:

  • NO player is to be in an area ALONE.
  • Partners will be needed for trips to the bathroom, food, and movement between facilities.
  • CELL PHONE use should be for emergencies only. Players abusing the use of Cell phones will have their phones confiscated and returned to their parents when the traveling teams have returned home.
  • I or ME attitudes, isolation or inappropriate negativity will not be tolerated.
Failure to follow these rules will result in immediate arrangements for return to BC at the cost of parents.

This will be strictly enforced. 

Please understand that these are rules to insure safety.

At all tournaments:

  • NO bags are permitted at court side.

  • NO bags are permitted into the building. 
  • ONLY WATER (clear water) is allowed at courtside in any facility.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD is allowed at court side or in any playing area.

Fines are levied and will be passed to the parents of any offenders.

  • Because you can’t bring in your bag, please leave any valuables (money, cell phone, passport) with your parent. If your parent is not attending this tournament please leave it with a coach.

  • Teams/Players will have officiating duties throughout the duration of the tournament. 
  • Teams/Players may not leave until the coach at the end of the tournament has dismissed the team.

Players or Parents who ask if they can leave early to avoid possible officiating duties will be billed $30 per instance. Players are expected to be available to play for a final, and therefore should not leave their team if the team is required to officiate. Members not available to officiate during team required officiating times, will be billed the same fee of $30 per instance.

Hotels & Accommodations:

BC Youth Volleyball/InfinityVBC/SynergyVBC/SynergySMASH will be responsible for securing all accommodations for traveling teams for both domestic and international competitions. 

BC Youth Volleyball/InfinityVBC/SynergyVBC/SynergySMASH will also try to secure a block of accommodation for parents who may choose to travel with the team(s).

Depending on location of travel, BC Youth Volleyball/InfinityVBC/SynergyVBC/SynergySMASH will attempt to secure vacation/rental homes for the team. By doing so, teams are able to form bonds, eat better, and be more comfortable than if teams were in hotels. Our intent will be to have all players sleeping in a bed or hide-a-bed. 

  • Coaches/Chaperones will also be included in the numbers for securing vacation/rental homes.

Should teams need to stay at hotels, BC Youth Volleyball/InfinityVBC/SynergyVBC/SynergySMASH will attempt to secure 2-3 star accommodations away from the busiest areas of the event. By doing so, our intent is to try to increase the level of security for our teams. InfinityVBC will also try to secure hotels that provide continental breakfast as part of their costs.

Typically rooms will be secured with 4 to a room. 
  • The exception to this will be if the facility allows more than 4 in a room. 
  • Coaches rooms must also be secured as part of the teams block. 
  • Should a team have both a female and male coach, we will attempt to secure a suite with separate sleeping areas for the coaches. In the event this is not possible, 2 separate rooms will be secured for the coaches as part of the teams block.

While in competition, ALL players and coaches will remain a part of the team. 

  • While a parent block may be secured for parents/families traveling, ALL players will be staying with their team and coaches.

  • All costs for the entire trip, including any traveling, accommodation costs, food, and additional expenses, will be divided by the entire number of participants.
  • Lights out and Cell Phone Use:
    • During travel tournaments, lights out will be established by the coaches/chaperones.
    • Athletes are expected to refrain from talking or disturbing others who are trying to sleep.
    • It is expected that at lights out, athletes are to turn in cell phones to the coach/chaperone and refrain from using any internet connected devices. Cell phones and messaging devices are to be turned in, or placed in designated areas through the night.
      • The rationale for this is to ensure that athletes are not being distracted by internet based activity, social media, or messaging.
      • In cases of emergency, parents can contact coaches directly, or athletes can request emergency contact with parents.
      • Failure to comply may result in disciplinary actions.

Guidelines while at hotel:

  • No horse play in the halls or the rooms
  • Minimize disturbances to the hotel/hotel guests
  • Destruction of the hotel property will not be tolerated
  • No playing/running in the stairwells, elevators & hallways
  • Do not take room towels to the pool
  • Keep your rooms clean: you and your parents will be charged extra money for cleaning excessively dirty/messy rooms and any damage.
  • No long distance calls or pay-order movies from your room
  • Hotel designated “Quiet Time” is between 9:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. The hotel may ask us to leave if we cause any problems or excessive noise is an issue.
    • If the hotel has to refund money to non-club related guests affected by problems caused by our team, the individuals involved will be responsible for compensating the hotel.
  • If you are using the swimming pool, please dress appropriately to and from the facility. Clothing must be worn to and from the swimming pool (towels are not considered clothing).




Guidelines while at a Vacation Home:

This will be strictly enforced. Please understand that these are rules to insure safety.

Guidelines while at Vacation Homes:


  • No horse play in the halls, rooms, or any parts of the house
  • Minimize disturbances to those staying in the house
  • While in the house, no one is permitted to leave the secured areas of the property without notifying your coach.
  • Should you receive permission to leave the secure areas of the he, you must be in a minimum group size of two.
  • Destruction of any property will not be tolerated
  • No playing/running in the house or pool area 
  • Keep your rooms and all areas of the house clean: you and your parents will be charged extra money for cleaning excessively dirty/messy rooms and/or any damage.
  • No long distance calls or pay-order movies in the house
  • Club members will be responsible for insuring that the house is kept clean at all times. Also, club members will be provided duties that will include chores during the length of the trip.
  • There is to be no horseplay in all areas of the house or while we are in public areas. This includes: screaming, chasing, hitting, pinching, or anything else that may offend or injure  another member

Packing List:

  • Both Volleyball Jerseys
  • Both Team Warm-up Shirts
  • Black Spandex
  • Volleyball Sweat shirt
  • Three Pairs of Volleyball Socks
  • Knee Pads
  • Court Shoes
  • Ankle Braces (if you use them)
  • Water Bottle
  • Personal bathroom items
  • Non-volleyball shoes to wear out
  • Underwear and underwear clothing
  • Sports bra
  • Shorts (in case it’s hot)
  • Slippers
  • Bathing Suit
  • Cover-up for your bathing suit (or shorts and a t-shirt).
    • Movement between rooms and Pool area must be done with coverups.
    • TOWELS will NOT be used as a coverup.
  • P.J’s
  • Goggles for the pool if you use them
  • Flip Flops to wear to the pool
  • Socks
  • T-shirts
  • Jeans or Sweatpants
  • Light Jacket
  • Small blanket to sit on between games 

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