BC Youth Volleyball's 2024 Summer Program Info and registration will be posted here on May 26, 2024. Please check back then to see the exciting Volleyball opportunities we will be offering over the Summer.


Modified Reverse Volleyball Rules:


RALLY POINT scoring.

SERVES that touch the net are considered live.

ROTATION of servers is mandatory, not rotation of court positions.

RECEPTION of any first ball crossing the net MAY be taken in a volley.

ATTACKS may be a hit, a roll or closed-hand ! Open Handed Tips are NOT allowed.

VOLLEYS over the net must be square from shoulders & feet.

BLOCKS do not count as a touch

BLOCKERS are NOT allowed to direct the block, no breaking of the wrist



Men may only initiate back row ATTACKS. There will be an elastic attack line marked in the playing area.

Men may only BLOCK men, this includes soft blocking of women.

Men playing a ball across the net who are in the front court MUST play the ball past the opponents attack line. MEN may jump from the back row placing a ball in the opponents front court ONLY if they begin their jump from behind their attack line.

For men ON or IN FRONT of the attack line on 3rd hit:

MEN are NOT allowed to jump.
Men are NOT allowed to hit ball downwards, it MUST have an upward arc.


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